Saturday, November 29, 2008

Today I have decided to move my blog to blogger. I have been blogging since blogging began and I have kept written journals since high school. Blogging and journal writing is a way for me to release all the wild thoughts that run through my mind. Sometimes it can be therapuetic, other times, i dont think it helps at all.
I have a tendency to keep things bottled up inside of me sometimes. Its not healthy some will say, but to me, its my way of hiding i suppose.
I can be a bit private sometimes, other times i express my opinions and my emotions.
I have found that being hurt through family, friends, a divorce and an exboyfriend who almost took me for everything i had, i lost pieces of me. i became a biter person for awhile, but expressing my thoughts through blogging and my journals, i learned to deal with all that was thrown my way.
We are never promised a perfect life, nor were we ever promised it would be easy.
Its what we make of it, and i challenge myself daily to make the best of what I have. i have found some of the pieces that i have lost along the way, im slowly putting them back together. With each piece ive molded back together, i have found meaning once again when i thought all of lifes meaning was completely lost.
Today I remain.....happy.

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