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Monday, January 19, 2009

I actually drive a 1998 Chevrolet Blazer. I love my Blazer, but a few months ago i ran into someone who had a Daihatsu Rocky for sale or trade.
I had never heard of one before and the person who wanted to sale it also wanted a small car for his teen. I had an accura integra that wasnt in that great of shape, and his Rocky just wasnt what his teen wanted. We traded vehicles, even trade. I actually felt kind of bad because the accura was really in bad shape and the Rocky was pretty nice and ran great!
But he assured me it was all good.

The above picture is not of my car, i took it from wikipedia, just so you can see what kind of car im talking about. they didnt make too many of them, and you really dont see any around here, atleast i never had. But my car looks identical to the one in the photo.
When gas prices were soaring the Rocky replaced my Blazer. It was fun to drive, it has 4 wheel drive like my blazer, 5 speed, and gets excellent gas milage.
My kids hate the Rocky they absolutely hate it.
As gas prices came down they talked me into driving the Blazer again, so i did. i will admit riding in luxury in my blazer is a much more smoother ride than the Rocky.

My 15 year old daughter wanted to spend the night with a friend last night. This particular friend's parents are very very very wealthy. They live in a very very very rich neighborhood and drive cadillacs and mercedes. They live in a quarter million dollar house. The neighborhood has a security guard at the entrance, so that pretty much tells you how ritzy it is.
So I let my daughter spend the night. That was no problem.

About 12ish she called me today to come pick her up. I had been lazy most of the morning, and it was rather chilly here. I had on my pajama top that hung down to my knees and that was it when she called. She was pretty much ready to come home because she said she was hungry and they didnt eat meat and when she told them a pnut butter and jelly sandwich would be good instead of some kind of vegetable thing they had, they told her they are all allergic to peanut butter.
She whisperd into the phone "hurry mama, im hungry i havent since yesterday at lunch"

I felt sorry for my child, i love food, and to not eat since lunch yesterday this was an emergency haha.
I pull on some jogging pants real quick, and put on a long sleeve tshirt, i slid my barefeet into a pair of clogs and holler at my other daughter that i was leaving incase she wanted to ride and she did.
I had no intention of getting out of the car so i didnt even take time to take my hair down and brush it either.
We jump in the blazer and i noticed i didnt have much gas, so we jumped out of the Blazer and into the Rocky.

I am almost at the ritzy neighborhood when i noticed the tempature gage was almost on
H !!
Well shit, i was running hot!
I was thinking i might could make it to thier house, before it completely ran hot.
I told the security guard at the gate where i was going and why. He said "mam your car is running hot" Like i couldnt see the steam pouring from my hood over the top of the roof .
I really wanted to say "no shit sherlock" at this point and bit my tongue instead, and said "yes im aware of that" and i pulled off.
Little did i remember that this neighborhood had speed bumps!!
i was trying to really hurry at this point. The Rocky is a 5 speed automatic so slowing and changing gears would slow me down.
NOT only was I completely on H now, and steam galore pouring out, I was also going about 35 in a 15 mph zone with speed bumps.
I must say the Rocky did real well jumping those speed bumps.

Finally I get to thier house. My daughter Aimee was standing outside with her friend so i would see her so i wouldnt miss the house. (not like i could miss the mansion amongst other mansions). My other daughter Shelby was holding on for dear life!
I turn the corner and come to a stop right in front of thier house and shut the car off.
Aimee's face turned 10 thousand shades of red.
I jumped out...forgetting what i looked like. The childs mother and father were standing on the HUGE front porch.
I said "hey Aims, i made it, had a little trouble but i made it"
She shook her head "mama youre so embarrasssing!"
I wave at the childs parents who are standing on the porch, and i start walking toward them.
I sware i think thier mouths were wide open. I said "Im running hot, can I get a jug of water?"
She said "sure, yes of course" and turned to go inside.
The father just stood there looking like a complete dork. It was then that i realized one thing....the way i was dressed. Long sleeve tshirt, NO BRA, jogging pants pulled up to my knees, and clogs! plus riding in a Rocky with steam pouring from beyond the hood, not to mention my hair was all over my head.
I tried pulling it off with grace, by wrapping my arms around me and saying"wow its cold today huh"
He didnt flinch. Alrighty then! I turn to walk back to my steaming car.
The lady comes outside and is walking toward me.
I thought i was going to fall over dead.
She handed me a bottle of Dansani bottled water. OMG! i know i can be air headed sometimes but this just beat all i had ever seen.
I explained that i needed alot of water to pour in the radiator when it cooled!
she said "oh ok, i thought you were just mad and upset and wanted water, i get like that sometimes"
i wanted to say something smart assed again, but again i bit my lip.
I looked over at Aimee and told her to give up her coat., she handed it over to me. i had to uncross my arms and i really didnt want to give the nerdy dad another show.

He finally walked off the porch and said i needed to take the cap off. I told him i didnt think that was such a bright idea, my patience was running thin at this point. i explained to him that if we popped the cap now we probably would get seriously burned.
"Do you NOT hear the water freaking boiling" i almost yelled. I also did not say freaking..i said the F word. I told you my patience was running really thin.
I told Aimee to call Lonnie (my little brother who lives with me) and tell him i may need some help!!
After the car cooled, i opened the cap, started the car, poured water in it, left the cap a little lose, thanked them for Aimee's stay, apologized for the way i was dressed and for being a little rude, i was having a bad minute, and off i went.
Shelby had her head hung low, Aimee was not speaking to me.
When i asked them what the problem was ..In unison as if they rehearsed it "mama youre so freaking embarrassing!"

We didnt make it a mile when i had to pull over into a convenience store and call my brother again. "bring the blazer and the tow dolley, im not going to make it home" i said.
As i was saying this to him on the phone soon as i parked and turned the car off....BOOOOM!!!!
I blew the radiator hose. about 10 people just turned and looked at us. my 15 year old daughter muttered 'shit' under her breath, my 13 year old said "thats it, i will never ever ride in this car again!!!"

Once home, my brother checked it out. i did blow the radiator hose, but the thermostat was stuck causing it to run hot. Unfortunately for them, i didnt blow the car up!!!
Thats one tough Rocky!!! Jumps speed bumps at 35 with ease, overheats to the max and still Survived!!!
Yep, I think im keeping the Rocky!

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