Today Max Left Me  

Friday, January 16, 2009

Max is an American Pit Bull Terrier. I run and operate Haley's Haven. I rescue and rehabilitate pit bull terriers, once these babies are ready for a new and exciting home, I adopt them out.

On a cold February morning. He was cold and starving. Max was all bones. He looked as if his skin had been painted on him. Max showed no signs of aggression, his eyes said it all when he looked at me "Help Me".
I took Max from the officers arms "he snapped at me so becareful" he spoke. "NO, he wont bite me" i told the officer as I cradled Max's head in my arms.
I took him in the house, away from the kennels to a nice warm cozy bed, and laid him down. I sat beside him as my daughter prepared some broth and rice for him. I stroked his face with the back of my hand. His big beautiful golden eyes closed. He tried to open them again but it took so much effort on his part. I whispered to him "you will never have to suffer again Precious" and I meant every word I said. As if he understood me, his body went limp. "mama is he dead?" my other daughter asked. I shook my head, Max was just relaxing. He sensed, he knew, he was safe. When the mixture of broth and rice was ready, I put it under his nose, so he could breathe in the smell. He tried to lift his head to lap it up, but was to weak. I lifted the skin on the nape of his neck. it remained standing, he was so dehydrated. I got up from the floor and got the big syringe i sometime use and some pedialyte from the cabinet. I injected the liquid into maxs mouth forcing him to swallow. He needed the electrolytes. When I felt he had enough, i then filled the huge syringe with broth and slowly injected into his mouth a little at a time, still forcing him to swallow. He trembled. I didnt know whether he was cold or scared. Probably a mix of both. My daughter grabbed another blanket for him, and i covered him up and wrapped him up tight. Every hour or so sometimes less, I kept liquids in Max through the syringe. That night, I laid my sleeping bag down beside him and my two pillows and I slept by his side. I would not let him wake to a strange enviroment, scared, hungry, and alone.
The next morning Max woke with a small growl. I opened my eyes, and saw his golden eyes looking at me. "Goodmorning precious, what are you growling for?"
He growled again, his golden eyes wide open. "i took you in, dont growl at me, I will fix you some breakfast"
I slowly rose from the floor, and carefully as to not frighten or alarm him.
I reheated his broth and rice mixture and brought it to him, setting it just infront of his bed, to where he would have to get up to get it. He looked at me and thumped his tail a few times on the floor. He then army crawled to the bowl and lapped it all up. His tail hitting the floor what seemed about 50mph he looked at me with his eyes pleading for more, but too much would have made him sick.
That night Max wanted up from his bed, I led him outside to use the bathroom. His poor body shook against the cold. Once I opened the door to let him back in, he ran to his bed and plopped down wagging his tail. "awww youre going to be just fine" i said to him.

Over the course of 2 months or so Max and I became best friends. He was always so eager to learn new things, but a little stubborn with others, but one thing about Max, he was always eager to love. Thats all he begged for was love. A kiss, a scratch behind his ears, a belly rub, a back rub, what ever involved your touch.
Max always showed such gratitude.

Max would often go walking with me in the woods . He was a good listener. I would always talk to him as we walked. I would tell him things that were bothering me, or I would tell him something that happened at work, it didnt matter, i just talked to him. And from to time Max would look up at me when i got quiet as if to say "go on, im listening", and i would talk some more to him.

Today Max left me. It was a hard choice to make, I almost didnt want to let Max go. His love, his gratitude, and his stubborness made me real attached to him, and made me love him so much.
I knew the new owners would provide good care, excellent care, and good home. I was scared he may not get along with thier other dog, so I had them bring her here one day for Max to meet her. They sniffed eachother, and they were fine. I asked for the dog to be brought to Max several times through out the last 2 weeks, and Max had gotten to know his new parents and play mate.
Today, I held Max's leash over to his new Mama and Daddy. I tried to hold back the tears. I had already had a horrible morning, now i was adopting Max out. I just wanted to take the leash, snap it lightly and say "go" and us run through the woods as fast as we could, slowing ourselves to a trot then to a walk where i could release my fears, cares, and worries to him. He would listen, and his golden eyes would say "go on, im listening".
But that would be no longer, i couldnt hold the tears back any more, they fell like rain.
I apologized and got down on my knees and held max tightly against me and cried into his shoulders. When i pulled away he licked my tears, he licked my cheeks over and over as if to say "Its ok, go on, im listening" i just smiled at him and kissed his beautiful red nose.

I said my last goodbye, I could not watch him leave. I turned my back on him, I freaking turned my damn back on him. I heard the van pull away. I turned my back on him, why? My own selfishness? Never once did he ever turn his back on me, not once.
I ran down to the pastures as fast as i could to my brother, and grabbed his cell phone. I dialed thier cell number "bring him back, im sorry, i just need to see him one last time, i turned my back on him, he never turned his on me, i need to say goodbye one more time".
To my surprise i saw the van pulling back in the driveway. I ran to the side door and opened it. Max was sitting tall and proud in the seat. He never moved, he just looked at me with those beautiful gold eyes as if to say "Go on, Im listening"

I told him how much i loved him, how much he meant to me, and that he could always come visit anytime he wanted. I told him he would be living in a house with his new girlfriend and he would sleep on a couch, and his new owners would give him the best care and love. I kissed his cheeks and hugged him. He licked my face and turned his head toward the front window. he was ready to go. I said goodbye and shut the door to the van. I waved goodbye to Max as they drove away.

About 2 hours later I recieved an email from Max's new owners. I smiled, he is happy.
His new girlfriend sure is making him feel safe and welcome. lol.

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2 comments: to “ Today Max Left Me

  • LL&L
    February 15, 2009 at 10:11 AM  

    Awwwhhhh! Very sweet story. I don't relate to peopl who seem so detacted from animals. They seem to make a powerful impact on to everyone who to open their hearts. I sorry that you that you feel sad but I feel so inspired by your choose to care for and adopt out dogs, especially pit bulls. Though I am a dog lover I was bias against pit bull, or scared of them. I am so happy that so many people have proven me wrong by sharing their home with apparently very loving animals.

    I would love for you to read a post of mine and tell me what you think.

  • Nishant
    November 19, 2009 at 1:29 PM  

    I am a dog lover I was bias against pit bull, or scared of them

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